How many photos will I receive?

It will vary depending on how long the wedding will be. On an average 8 hour day, you would  receive about 600 edited photos. 

How long does it take to receive all photos from my wedding? 

It will take me 3 weeks at most to deliver all of  your edited  photos to you. Sometimes, it can be sooner. 

How will I receive my photos? 

Once your photos are ready, you will receive an email from me with directions on how to access them. Your album will be password protected for your private viewing. Photos are saved and stored on my site for 5 years, so feel free to access them anytime at your leisure. 

Are all photos edited? 

All  photos that are to be deliver to you are edited one by one, only by me. I want my clients to receive photos that incorporate the visions my clients and I developed together, rather than having others apply their own touches to your photos.  

Do I have all rights to my photos? 

Yes, you have all rights to the photos except for commercial use. You can absolutely download them, print them, share them on an social media, etc.

Do we have to cover the cost of a 2nd photographer? 

The cost of a 2nd photographer will be covered by Vannak Photography with any weddings 8 hours and longer. 

Do you accept destination weddings? 


Where do you live and how far will you travel?

Vannak Photography currently resides in southern Massachusetts. Traveling is something that is not foreign to me. I am willing to travel across the world to photograph your special day as long as traveling fees are covered. 

Can we customized any of the wedding packages to fit our schedule? 

Absolutely! I will work with you to adjust any wedding package you have in mind in order to meet your budget and your needs. 

How would you describe your style?

Weddings are covered in an artistic journalistic style, which covers a blend of traditional and fine art.      

What are steps I should take if I want to book my wedding with Vannak Photography? 

You can start  by clicking the "Contact" link on the site to tell me more about your wedding. I will contact you back to the email you provided. I offer free consultation even if your booking decision changes. I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have even if you haven't decided to book your wedding. 

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