Vannak Pen is a passionate photographer located in southern Massachusetts. He started his photography journey with landscapes, from there he discovered his interest in capturing moments in people's lives, which has set forth his career in wedding photography. Every person has their own personality and sense of perception and understanding them is important in  delivering the perfect photos. Vannak is known for his sensitivity in understanding what others seek in their photos. He has fallen in love with the romantic stories that each couple brought to their wedding session and feels great honor to be a part of their special event.                                  

A Word From the Artist

Photography to me is more than the final images. It’s the adventure that comes with it. The amazing people I’m destined to meet. The priceless moments that are captured to be revisited throughout time. In order to create stunning images, I continue to surpass my previous self to bring my clients photos they will cherish and remember throughout their lives. I started as a landscape photographer, and was always finding myself exploring the world and diving into nature's rugged terrains. Soon after, I became a portrait photographer, experimenting with underwater and fire photoshoots, and now my heart is set on capturing weddings while bringing all of my creative experiences into play. I am accepting bookings for  2020 and 2021. Feel free to contact me and I'm sure we can make your dream shoot happen. 

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